04 December 2020
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After the death of renowned activist Khafaji, warnings of assassination attempts against Iraqi civilians

Sunday, 16 August 2020 15:28

The prosecution and assassination of civilian activists and people who seek freedom of expression continues in the Iraqi provinces, where we are witnessing a continuous popular movement.

Iraqi residents of Basra province buried the body of the activist and leader, Osama Tahsin al-Khafaji during a popular demonstration. He was assassinated by armed militants.

The mourners chanted slogans and called on the government and security agencies to expose al-Khafaji's killers whilst continuing their fight for reform against rampant corruption within the country.

It was at an Internet Café owned by Tahan al-Khajafi where an unidentified gunman attacked and killed the revered activist, a security source said.

The same source added: "The Gunmen shot the activist and killed him immediately, while another person was wounded caught in the crossfires of the attack."

Khafaji is known for his widespread activities in popular protests against the ruling political elite accused of corruption and foreign subordination.

The High Commissioner for Human Rights in Iraq has warned of the the possibility of increased assassinations against civilian activists since the al-Khafaji assassination.

"We confirm our previous warnings about the increase likelihood of assassination attempts against civilian activists, indicating the weakness of the intelligence services and the lack of security" the commission said in a statement.

The statement continued "The failure to reveal those involved in previous assassinations has encouraged theses same gangs to resume their crimes against those who dare to speak out."

"It is up to the government and security agencies to take responsibility for ensuring the security of citizens in general and civilian activists in particular," he added.

Dozens of civilian activists, who were against political factions accused of corruption and foreign affiliation, have been assassinated since the beginning of the popular movement in last October.

The popular movement was able to overthrow the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi late last year after months of intense protests.

According to government figures, 565 protesters and security personnel were killed during the protests, including dozens of activists who were assassinated by unknown individuals.

The new government, led by Mustafa al-Kazemi, has promised to prosecute those involved in killing protesters and activists, but so far no one has been brought to justice.

Source: Baghdad Post (translated from Arabic to English)

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