21 September 2021
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Urgent message of the Association of Muslim Scholars to Iraq’s revolutionaries

Thursday, 12 June 2014 00:00

Rafidain TV- June 12, 2014

Association of Muslim Scholars issued an urgent letter to the Iraqi revolutionaries. The text, translated from the original Arabic is stated below:

Because of the great victories that God has bestowed upon you, and for the enormous defeats that enemies of the Iraqi people have suffered, including the destruction of their bases, which is a reminder of autumn leaves falling off trees, it is necessary to bring the following issues to your attention:

We seek triumph over the enemies and for the enemies’ plots to be shattered. God willing, we will have more victories in the coming days, and therefore we emphasize on the following: 

1) God has willed victory for you, which is a blessing we should be grateful for.

2) Your gains have received extensive coverage both inside and outside of Iraq, and naturally the enemy will use all its might to advance its conspiracies. They seek to defame the revolutionaries. 

3) The most immediate task at hand is the victory of the revolution. You must earn the people’s trust. Revolutionaries must be at the people’s service, because they want to remove the chains of injustice. You must strive for this goal, and you must make every effort to have each liberated city stand as a symbol and an example for others to follow.

4) You must realize that liberating people from the yoke of their oppressors will not be easy. But the main challenges will emerge after freedom has been attained. The revolutionaries in Mosul have in particular begun to provide basic daily services for the people so far. But we must take into consideration that Mosul is a great city, and therefore, it needs a separate local administration, something that bears great significance for the revolutionaries. In this respect, a local council of revolutionaries must be formed , which would be comprised of people from all sectors of society.

5) The revolutionaries must open their hearts to the people and genuinely understand the challenges they face, while focusing their efforts to resolve them.

6) Efforts must be made to meet people's needs as much as possible. The fate of tens of thousands of families depends on it.

7) The revolutionaries in Mosul, Salahuddin, and other liberated areas must take this issue into consideration.

8) Treatment of minorities must be based on our religious teachings. One must demonstrate an extremely positive image of the revolutionaries to the world, and all kinds of shameful acts must be avoided. This is necessary to protect minorities and their beliefs.

9) Regarding other countries, especially neighboring countries, pay attention to a very important issue. The hostage-taking of Turkish consulate members and others has created a dilemma. This act has not at all been in the interest of revolutionaries and their movement. Therefore, no one can be permitted to act against the people’s will. 

10) Under the current circumstances, the most important issue is to preserve the unity of all, and the devil must not be given the opportunity to pursue his plots. By the same token, no one must be allowed to take a strategic decision in this regard. The real revolutionaries are thirty million Iraqis, period. The Iraqi people began their peaceful demonstrations since February 25, 2011 in nearly 16 cities. A few months after that, however, Maliki responded by opening fire on them. Consequently, demonstrations and protests spread to 6 provinces, and the Iraqi people staged sit-ins for over a year to press for their legitimate demands. However, Maliki's responded with an iron fist and more bullets. He attacked the people using tanks and heavy weaponry, killing and injuring hundreds of people in the process. The Iraqi people had no other option but to defend themselves accordingly. This is a revolution that belongs to the people, and any particular faction or group that thinks it is in the position of leadership is delusional. The children of this revolution have decided to have a mutual understanding with all those who stand with them in their struggle against oppressors. At the same time, the revolutionaries will not allow anyone, regardless of who they are, to highjack their revolution, just as they will not allow anyone to sow the seeds of division among the revolutionaries, as it happened in Syria; a conspiracy that is not in the interest of anyone but the enemies of Iraq and the Iraqi people.

11) The clear slogan of the revolutionaries is what the Prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon Him) taught after conquering Mecca: mercy and forgiveness. And this is the path on which our revolutionary children walk. Forgiveness is the way into people’s hearts. Tyrants, however, must be tried in a court of law at the proper time. They will be handed over to a just tribunal, which would bear absolutely no resemblance to the sectarian and political trials run by Maliki. These legitimate tribunals will not be forums for legitimizing murder. Maliki's judiciary bears contradicts both the actions of the Prophet Mohammed as well as humanity or rationality. 

12) The goal that now lies before the revolutionaries is reaching Baghdad and this is their right. The regime in Baghdad is an exporter of tyranny and crime against the people. This is the regime's sole conduct, which has put no other option in front of the revolutionaries but to try to end the tyranny. In this regard, we warn against certain calls about going towards Najaf and Karbala. Such calls are unacceptable and irresponsible, regardless of the identity of people who issue them. They will lead to nowhere but the defeat of the revolution and its diversion from its real goal of helping the innocent towards causing division among an otherwise united people. Everyone knows that the majority of the Iraqi people in the south reject Maliki and his gang, and that like the rest of the people in Iraq, they too are suffering from immeasurable poverty, extreme tyranny and the trampling of their honor and rights by the dominant parties and criminal militias. We advise all the revolutionaries to shun actions with sectarian origins. This is exactly what the well-known large and small governments who are carrying out their destructive agenda against Iraq and the entire region want. 

We are all children of one united country and we all endeavor to end tyranny against all Iraqis without eulogizing a particular religion or sect over others. We seek the victory of all religions and the triumph of good over evil. Yet we do not see any differences between particular individuals or religions because we all share this land and equally determine its future. 

These were our urgent considerations and we hope that you accept them from your brothers. These were considerations that come from previous experiences and will help you to achieve your goals. When it comes to our collective interests, we will continue to communicate with you until the great victory. 

May God protect and help you and bring disgrace to your enemies. 

Secretariat of Iraq’s Association of Muslim Scholars

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