11 July 2020
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Speech of Alejo Vidal-Quadras, Vice-President of the European Parliament

Tuesday, 24 June 2014 04:05

Wednesday 11 June Residence Palace – IPC, Brussels

Dear Friends,
I would like to congratulate Mr. Struan Stevenson for his very inspiring initiative as I think this is not only a big help for the democracy and human rights in Iraq but also for the entire region. 
As a fifteen year member of the European Parliament, I can say unequivocally that Struan has been one of the most successful leaders in his position as the head of the Iraq Delegation and I can say without any hesitation that no such a Delegation has ever worked with such an efficiency and no one has exhibited the courage in expressing the facts and the truth as he has done. He has continuously exposed the ongoing crimes against the people of Iraq on a daily basis. Despite the very serious dangers, he has travelled to Baghdad and Erbil on numerous occasions. He has hosted many Iraqi officials in the EU Parliament. No wonder that he is now considered as one of the most popular figures among the Iraqis that are striving for democracy and human rights in their country. And it should not come as a surprise that he is in the list of the most hated individuals by the Iranian regime and their lackeys in Iraq.
As Iraq is one of the most turbulent states in the Middle East, and the fact that it has one of the highest execution rates of the political prisoners, makes his initiative even more admirable. We in the European Parliament are very well aware of the crimes of Maliki against the residents of Ashraf. The Ashraf residents are refugees that were viciously attacked by Maliki as ordered by Iran. So far 116 residents have been killed, 7 have been taken hostage, and 1350 more have been wounded. 20 more have lost their lives due to Maliki government preventing medical supplies to reach the camp. This behavior and treatment of the refugees that have lived in their camp In Iraq for over 28 years is unprecedented in the current century.
The events in Iraq have overshadowed the other events in the region. If there were a nationalistic and independent government in Iraq, without any doubt Bashar-Al-Assad would have not been in power today. The survival of the Mullahs’ regime in Iran is very much intertwined with the existence of the Maliki and Bashar-Al-Assad. Overthrow of any of these two will bring the demise of the Iranian regime to a rapid reality. This is the very reason why the Iranian regime with all its ability has been involved in the devastating wars in these two countries, killing tens of thousands of their people.
Forty days have passed since the election in Iraq. It has been very clear that the election in Iraq was not free or objective and it was basically orchestrated by the Iranian regime and Maliki. All the political entities in Iraq, including the Iranian leaning Shiites group such as Mr. Hakim’s and Mr. Sadr’s, agree that the elections in Iraq was not a healthy election. All reputable political parties, be it Sunnite, Shiite or Kurd, have openly expressed their opposition to Maliki’s third term as the Prime Minster.
Despite these strong oppositions, Maliki with the Iranian support, has been at work to buy alliances to forge his coalition number to the required minimum number while he has also employed intimidation and scare tactics to prevent other coalitions to advance. 
On the other hand, due to unbelievable number of executions and suppression of the Sunnis people under the pretext of fighting terrorism, the people in the 6 Sunni dominant provinces staged a peaceful sit-in in December 2012. This peaceful sit-in was violently attacked by the Maliki forces and the people and the tribes in these provinces, especially in Anbar province, had no option but to defend themselves. The tribes in Unbar quickly demonstrated their superiority both militarily and tactically. They were able to overcome Maliki’s forces in two main cities of Fallujah and Ramadi and soon gained controls of these cities with populations of over 500,000 each. The tribal forces currently are within 30 kilometers from the southern and western regions of Baghdad. The clashed between the tribal fighters and the Maliki forces is very widespread. Clashes are ongoing in many major provinces such as Salah ad Din, Diyala, and Nineveh and even inside the city of Baghdad as well as many other regions.
As Maliki’s army is being defeated in the ground battles, Maliki has restored to aerial bombing and missile attacks killing scores of innocent people. Since the regular Iraqi army has been incapable of fighting the tribal combatants, Maliki has been relying on his special forces (the so called Golden Corps or better known as the Dirty Corps) and other Iranian backed militias’ such as Aṣayib Ahl al-Haq and Kataeb Hezbollah. The war is being commanded by the members of the Iranian terrorist Quds force. The aerial bombardment and the missile attacks on innocent people are considered war crimes and must be halted immediately.
Maliki is also trying to win America’s support and legitimize the massacre of its people in the eyes of world community by branding and portraying the tribal fighter as members of Al-Qaida or Daesh terrorist group. But the reality is that there is no Al-Qaida movement in Iraq. There is ample evidence that Al-Qaida and Daesh are nothing but ploys at the hands of the Iranian regime and the Maliki government to brand the people’s resistance against the tyranny as a terrorist movement. Ironically Al-Qaida and Daesh in Syria are also working with the Syrian government and against the legitimate opposition to Bashar.
The time has come now for the US and the EU to behave responsibly in Iraq and bring peace, democracy and stability to Iraq by removing Maliki.

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