26 February 2021
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Speech by Struan Stevenson in the Italian Senate 12 Nov 2105

Thursday, 12 November 2015 15:47

Speech by Struan Stevenson in the Italian Senate


The Human Rights Situation in Iran

Mr President, Honourable members of the Senate, Ladies & Gentlemen,

Thank you very much for inviting me to this important conference in the Italian Senate organised by the Italian Committee for a Free Iran. As you know I was co-chair of Friends of a Free Iran intergroup in the European Parliament for over 10 years which campaigned successfully for the PMOI to be de-listed off the terrorist black lists in the EU and to fight for the rights of their members in Camp Ashraf and now Camp Liberty.

Iran is a deeply corrupt country. Its fascist leadership thrives on oppression. Its main export is terror. A prime example of this dealership in death and destruction was the obscene rocket attack on the unarmed civilian refugees in Camp Liberty near Baghdad Airport on Thursday 29th October. More than 80 rockets rained down on the sleeping refugees, killing 24 and horribly injuring many others. There was widespread destruction. The rockets were fired from a carefully planned position well within the tight security zone that surrounds the camp and the airport. This attack would not have been possible without the support of Iraq's security and military forces.