19 January 2022
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EIFA warns of Iranian terrorist Quds Force and Maliki government’s plot to assault Camp Liberty and carry out massacre of its residents

Tuesday, 08 July 2014 00:00

The European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA) warns of more attacks on Camp Liberty by the terrorist Quds Force and the teetering regime of Nouri al-Maliki. It calls on the US government, United Nations and the European Union actively to intervene to protect the Camp’s defenceless residents and to transfer them immediately to places of safety in the United States and Europe.
For the past two weeks, the Iranian regime’s propaganda machine has been preparing the grounds for a bloodbath at Camp Liberty, near Baghdad, by broadcasting false information claiming the imprisoned residents, who are members of the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK movement, are actively cooperating with the ISIS insurgents.
On July 1, Abbas Al-Bayati, an Iraqi MP close to al-Maliki, claimed that MEK members in Europe have gone to Iraq to join IRIS and therefore the Iraqi government must take firm action.
On July 5, Awad Al-Awadi, another Iraqi MP close to the Iranian regime, described the “MEK joining with ISIS” posing a threat to the security of Iraq and requested that Interpol issue an arrest warrant for the leaders of the MEK.
On June 28, 29 and 30, media and websites run by the Iranian regime unanimously quoted “Iraqi intelligence sources” as saying, “120 MEK members from France and several European countries have entered Mosul via Turkey and are fighting alongside ISIS and the remnants of Saddam’s regime.”
These distortions become of acute concern at the news that al-Maliki’s plea to Tehran for urgent military support has been met by a demand from the Iranian mullahs for a reciprocal intensification of attacks on the residents in Camp Liberty.
At the same time, the Iraqi military commanders who participated in the repeated massacres which took place at Camp Ashraf, together with members of the security police and a number of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps members from the terrorist Quds Force have been deployed to a position directly adjacent to Camp Liberty. These forces are also ominously present in all surveillance towers around the Camp and have ordered the police to turn their BKC machineguns towards the residents inside the Camp.
These actions are all in direct violation of international treaties including the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Iraq and the United Nations regarding the residents of Camps Ashraf and Liberty. They also violate the written and repeated commitments of the United Nations and United States for the safety and security of the residents. The international community especially the United States and the United Nations are morally, politically and legally accountable for any harm inflicted on the Camp Liberty residents.

Struan Stevenson
President, European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA)

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